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Who We Are

We are a new type of ‘artist representation agency’ providing a comprehensive and exclusive range of exciting and professional artists, animators, illustrators and imagineers. 

Illustration agent exists to be the ‘go to resource’ to find the best, most reliable artistic talent, quickly and easily. 

The team at Illustration agent have worked with advertising agencies, brands, corporates and the entertainment industries over the last two decades and understand exactly what you need when looking for resource to deliver a project. 

During this time our team have delivered literally 1000’s of projects and built special relationships with outstanding artists and studios from across the globe across every style or media. 

The artists we represent are all handpicked by our Illustration Agent team according to their style, experience, reliability and talent so you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands when placing your project with us. 

We are continually scouring the globe for the best new up and coming talent as we are committed to providing a home for the next generations of commercial artists to find their voice and work with great clients like you.

What Are Our Services

Our collective of artists and animators are proficient in all genres of content creation across the creative spectrum.  Whatever your project needs we are confident that we can provide the perfect solution, our artists specialities include: 

2D Illustration – Digital Illustration, Hand Drawn, Vectors

3D Illustration/CGI – 3D Modelling, Characters, Products, Automotive, Environments, Architectural, Liquid and Bottles

2D Animation  – Hand Animated, Vectorised, Cartoon Style, Explainer Videos

Motion Graphics – Graphical, Special Effect, Banner Adverts, DOOH

3D Animation – TV Commercials, Cinematics, TV Shows, Promo Videos, Web Videos, Product Demos, Liquids

Retouching – High-End Photoshop Artwork, Montaging

Photography – Food, Cars, Environments, Figures, Portraits, Products

Immersive Media – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Real Time Interactive 3D

Our artists have produced award winning content for a vast array of industries including automotive, architectural, travel and tourism, retail, branding, enterprise, entertainment, video games, healthcare and education. 

What To Expect

Because we have backgrounds in art, design, production, project management and creative consultancy we fully understand your need’s and this is why we have focused on streamlining the ‘resource finding process’ so you can spend less time searching for what you need and more time doing the projects you need to create. 

Expert Advice

Having worked with literally thousands of clients and successfully delivering a countless number of projects, we are in the unique position of producing and managing virtually every type of media and are more than qualified to offer agnostic advice on planning and production, to create a solution, as well as anticipating any challenges or hurdles that a complex project may encounter.   

Our team are always happy to talk to you even if you are at the initial stages of an idea, we are here to help. 

24 Hour Quote Turn Around

We understand how much time can be lost whilst waiting for estimatesschedules and samples to come back from artists. So that is why we endeavour to provide a quote for your project within 24 hours and if we need more information, we will be in touch straight away asking the right questions to make sure we can turn your quote around as quickly as possible.

Find Talent Fast

Our Illustration agent website is a portal that has been specifically designed to help you find talent fast.  It is fully search optimised, so you can type in a keyword or select a category or service and find what you are looking for fast.

Tailored Service

We know that every project is completely uniquewhich is why working with a trusted partner to find the right person for the right job is crucial to creating world class work. 

Why Haven’t You Heard Of Us Before?

Working quietly behind the scenes directly with clients for the last two decades we feel it is time to step into the spotlight and introduce you to a new type of artist representation service which is fit for this new digital age.