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Artist Representation – We look for artists that match our company ethos, having a professional work attitude, exceptional creative talent and are 100% reliable with a ‘can do’ attitude, this is our company code of conduct.

Many of our artists have been working with us for over a decade now and enjoy the opportunity of working on many exciting new projects, whilst receiving a personal and supportive relationship, considering us as more of a family than agent.

For more information about our agency and artist representation services, working practices and our company ethos then please feel free to call us on +44(0)203 848 9030 or email us at

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept ‘prospecting artists’ applications. Samples of your work need to be supplied as a link to download six of your best images, animations need to be supplied as a downloadable link or a link to an online version on a platform like ‘Vimeo’ or ‘Youtube’. We cannot accept hard copies of your work, printed portfolios or hi resolution attachments, animations over 1mb per image or mpg via email (these may result in bounce backs or automatic deletion), we apologise in advance for this.

Who We Are

We are a new type of ‘Artist Representation Agency’ providing an ever-expanding global database of exciting new clients for professional artists, animators, illustrators and imagineers to work with.

Our established client list has been created over the last 20 years building close relationships with clients from all sectors of the creative, entertainment and enterprise industries.


Illustration Agent exists to be the ‘go to resource’ for our clients to find the best, most reliable and nice to work with creative talent, quickly and easily. The team at Illustration Agent have worked with advertising agencies, brands, corporates and the entertainment industries over the last two decades and understand exactly what our clients are looking for when looking for resource to help deliver a project.  During this time our team have produced literally 1000’s of projects and have built special relationships with outstanding artists and studios from across the globe and across every style and media type.

The artists we represent are all handpicked by our ‘Illustration Agent’ team according to their experience, reliability, talent and professional attitude.

We are continually scouring the globe for the best new up and coming talent as we are committed to providing a home for the next generations of commercial artists to find their voice and work with us.

So if you think that’s you ! then please get in touch.

What Are Our Services

Our collective of artists, animators, Illustrators and imagineers are proficient in all genres of content creation across a complete creative spectrum.  Our artists specialities include: 

2D Illustration – Digital Illustration, Hand Drawn, Vectors

3D Illustration/CGI – 3D Modelling, Characters, Products, Automotive, Environments, Architectural, Liquid and Bottles

2D Animation  – Hand Animated, Vectorised, Cartoon Style, Explainer Videos

Motion Graphics – Graphical, Special Effect, Banner Adverts, DOOH

3D Animation – TV Commercials, Cinematics, TV Shows, Promo Videos, Web Videos, Product Demos, Liquids

Retouching – High-End Photoshop Artwork, Montaging

Photography – Food, Cars, Environments, Figures, Portraits, Products

Immersive Media – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Real Time Interactive 3D

Our artists have produced award winning content for a vast array of industries including automotive, architectural, travel and tourism, retail, branding, enterprise, entertainment, video games, healthcare and education. 

Who Can Apply?

If you think you have a unique talent or style within the genre of disciplines that we represent, then we would encourage you to apply for an interview with Illustration Agent.

We assess all applications on an individual basis and our criteria includes individual styles, experience, previous projects, previous clients and commitments.

Please note: We don’t generally take on students, only under exceptional circumstances where we can feel they possess a unique talent or style which we know our clients are looking for.

What Can You Expect?

The Team at Illustration Agent all have backgrounds in art, design, production, project management and creative consultancy, meaning that we are ideally suited to represent your best interests and are in a great position to get your work in front of the right people.

Expert Advice

Having worked with literally thousands of clients and successfully delivering a 1000’s of projects, we are in the unique position of having the experience of producing and managing virtually every type of media format and are more than qualified to offer qualified advice on planning and production as well as anticipating any challenges or hurdles that a complex project may create in advance of them happening.

Continued Support

Whether you are working on your own with a client, or as part of a larger team, our friendly and experienced team will always be on hand to provide any support, advice or assistance during the production process.  We are here to help iron out any problems and help in ensuring your projects run as smoothly as possible, keeping everybody on track, within scope and in budget.

Artist Focused Website

Our ‘Illustration agent’ website is a unique portal that has been specifically designed to help clients, who are searching for unique styles, to find you fast.  Unlike other agent websites our website has been created so it is fully ‘search optimised’, so clients can type in a keyword or select a category or service and find exactly what they are looking for in an instant. You will have your own unique profile and name tag and key word optimised featured work samples and have the opportunity to promote and update your best work to a wide selection of potential clients looking for your style.

Marketing Your Brand

Your unique style, deserves a unique brand, so having your individual profile on the Illustration Agent website means that you will be able to submit new work to us to feature on the site and keep your profile fresh and current.  New work will be automatically sent to clients who have expressed an interest in that search criteria, on a continuous basis, so this reduces chances of you missing out on a new potential project.

What We Expect Of Our Artists

Illustration Agent has achieved a reputation for being a ‘Safe Pair of Hands’ where our client can rest assured that they are working with only the best, most talented, professional artists, who deliver high quality work, on time and in budget, whilst maintaining a pleasurable experience between artist and the end client.

We class all our represented artist’s as part of our extended agency family and we expect everyone to conduct themselves in a pleasant and professional manner even under stressful situations. Illustration Agent has been built upon the passion, talent and dedication from all the people that have been involved from the inception of the agency, so this means when you are working with us you are representing the whole of ‘Illustration Agent’ as well as yourself as a professional artist.

Our agency and our clients are looking for 4 main attributes when selecting someone to work with:

  • Creative quality
  • A pleasant experience
  • And the ability to deliver on time
  • And on budget


Having Artist Representation by Illustration Agent means you have been selected because you are a hard-working individual or team, committed to creating great work every time, whilst really listening and understanding what the client is asking from you. In return we will make our best efforts to promote your unique brand and aim to find the projects that are best suited to you.


Artist Representation by Illustration Agent means that you are committed to not only creating great work, but by also making the best artist / client experience possible, being on hand and contactable at all times during a live commission to help client realise their ideas through your creative medium. Making work is just 50% of the creative experience, a client will remember you more if they enjoyed the experience of working with you just as much as the quality of work you create.

Conduct Yourself Professionally Showing Ability To Work To A Schedule And Deliver To A Set Deadline

Remember it’s not just the work that the we remember it’s the experience working with you that will bring you repeat work and give us the confidence to recommend you to our clients.

The Team at Illustration Agent have backgrounds in art, design and production management with an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of production techniques, meaning that we are ideally suited to represent your best interest whilst offering professional knowledge in communicating what client is asking for. We have worked with many large global brands across the world and are in a great position to get your work in front of the right people.

Being represented by Illustration Agent means that you have a hardworking team at your disposal, committed to promoting your own personal style and finding the projects best suited to you. In return we would expect a high commitment level from you, to ensure that you create world class work that is delivered on time and in budget.


We only work with experienced commercially minded artists with unique styles that can be relied upon to deliver world class work within in their chosen style. But talent is not enough these days as clients expect more form us as creatives and want to work with nice people and look to us to creatively advise and guide them to create their ideas through our creative eyes.

24 Hour Quote Turn Around

We understand how much time can be lost whilst clients are waiting for estimates, schedules and samples to come back from our artist.  So that is why we endeavour to provide a quote/schedule / relevant samples of work to our clients within a maximum of 24 hours and regard this as one of our main USP’s. Therefore, we would expect you to accommodate this as this maximises your chance of being selected by the client for the commission, remember there is a lot of competition out there now so react quickly to an enquiry and make a good first impression.

Why Haven’t You Heard Of Us Before?

Working quietly behind the scenes directly with clients for the last two decades we feel it is time to step into the spotlight and introduce you to a new type of artist representation service with a brand new web portal which is fit for this new digital age and new era of commissioners.

How Do I Apply?

If you would like to be considered for Artist Representation, it’s easy to apply, just complete the contact form below and we will be in touch to arrange a time for an interview should we feel your work style is something that we are looking for.

We are looking for artists that connect with our company ethos of have a professional attitude, exceptional talent, who behave professionally and are 100% reliable which matches our own code of conduct.

For more information about our agency and our working practices please take a look at our company terms and condition and company ethos

If no company name add full name
List any specific skills you have (separate with commas and no spaces e.g. 3D modeler,concept illustration,motion graphics,etc)
List any specific software you use (separate with commas and no spaces e.g. Maya,3Dsmax,Blender,etc)
Tell us more about what you do

*Due to the high volume of applications we receive per day it is not possible to respond to everyone personally and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you in advance for taking the time to contact us, however if you have a unique style that we are looking for at the time and we feel confident that we can represent you effectively then we will endeavour contact you back as soon as we can, so please accept our apologies in advance should you not hear back from us.

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