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Need help to Find an artist for your upcoming project, then you have come to the right place. The artists we represent are all handpicked by our Illustration Agent team according to their experience, reliability, talent and unique style. So, you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands when placing your project with one of our artists.

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Hello! I’m AJL, a London based illustrator. I have experience working in a range of sectors from hospitality, media and education and can adapt my style to make your message or story stand out. My digital work often focuses on simplicity whilst capturing personality or likeness – and sometimes a little humour. I love discussing concepts with clients, […]

Alex & Alan

We are 2 brothers with a lifetime of experience working within the advertising industry, creating photo realistic images for some of the biggest advertising agencies and brand in London and the US. Our speciality is hard surface modelling so whether its product visitations or vehicles we have it covered. Take a look at our work […]

Ant-Tony Studio

I’m a 3D Artist with over a decade of experience working in the advertising and entertainment industries creating cg / 3d images and animation. I have worked with a number of high profile production studios during my career which has helped to make me a multi disciplined pro active and experiences 3d artist and animator. I […]

Antonis And Stavros

We are Antonis And Stavros, brothers who are based out of Athens is Greece. After spending many years working in the VFX industries we decided to change our direction and focus on pursuing our own passion for creating super realistic CG images and animation. A lot of work has been focused on animation on all […]

Audacity Animation

Audacity Animation traditionally trained at the renowned animation course at Bournemouth Arts University. Having spent the last four years working in Switzerland for leading global financial and manufacturing institutions with high use of public media. He knows how to engage the audience experience of DooH (Digital out of home) and multiscreen presentations. What he enjoys […]

Bam Bam

We are a multidisciplinary creative design and animation team based in Bristol UK. Our strengths flow from a lifetime working in graphical design combining this with storytelling, a deep understanding of Motion graphics, 2d , vector based animation techniques all combined with slick design to help communicate our clients ideas.  We can make character, product […]


I’m a 3D character artist with over seven years experience creating characters and creatures over a wide range of projects for Film, TV, Commercials and Video Games. Based in Egypt my talents lie in creating characters from concept to completion, my strong understanding of the 3D pipeline and skills in modelling, topology, texturing, grooming, rendering […]

Boarders Unite

We are a specialist team who create boardomatics and animatics for the advertising and entertainment industries.  We have worked on many high-profile projects from the film and TV industries, and we love to mix illustration styles with animation to achieve emotive work which get the idea over fast.  Our unique setup means we can offer […]


I’m a 2D illustrator with a love of film and all things pop culture, combining this with my digital art style allows me to create unique and interesting artworks for you and your project.

Bright Frames

We are Bright Frames. A professional illustration studio specialised in storyboard, concept art and also animatics. With more than 17 years of experience working with clients globally. We are located in Spain, and have worked for brands all over the world such as Unilever, Coca Cola Company, Samsung, Volkswagen, Essandant, Maxwell House, Gevalia, Oikos, Green […]


I’m a 3D Illustrator based in Italy with a strong focus on creating liquid and drink product based images. With over 30 years experience working within this sector I have had the privilege of working on some the most iconic brand images for people like Absolut, Southern comfort, Budweiser to name but just a few. […]

CC Cowlin

I’m a CG / 3D artists specialising in creating photorealistic rendered advertising images. I have worked with many of the leading UK advertising agencies where they rely on me in to visualise new client print campaigns and high level pitch work. My software of choice is C4D and I render in V-Ray and Redshift. I […]


Is one of the most exciting creative teams to work with.  As the name suggests they are a collaboration of creative professionals who have come together offering full service/ multi disciplined premium quality creative production services consisting of some of the best artists, illustrators, animators, audio designers and imagineers from around the world. If you […]

Dare Studio

I’m a multi-disciplined 3D artist with a particular focus on creating characters of all styles. My professional background has taken me across a wide range of industries from video game, entertainment and advertising. I sketch and design characters by hand or can work on pre supplied concept designs and I then bring them to life […]

Elusive Studio

We are focused on photorealism specialising in all things product and brand related, with a lot of liquid recreation thrown in for good measure.  Being  locate Portugal we are  very lucky to be able to work some of the brightest most talented artist from this county, which we feel gives us a real edge as […]


I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I’m a professional 2D illustrator skilled in many techniques and disciplines, such as water colours, pencils, markers, Wacom, I-pad painting.  Over the course of my professional career I’ve had the opportunity to work in many fields with my illustration skills such as publishing, advertising, animation, […]


I’m a 3D generalist and 3d artists with a professional background in Film/TV and the advertising industry. Proficiently skilled in a range of 3D software and tools that help me create my images. My main specialties lie in Digital sculpting, texturing, lighting, rendering, compositing and image retouching. Having worked within the VFX and film industry […]


Fall is a British Fashion and Beauty Illustrator and designer specialising in unique illustrations with a graphic edge for clients in industries such as but not limited to; packaging, advertising, fashion, beauty and editorial. Previous to illustration, Fall gained experience working with designers such as Alexander McQueen where she learnt the importance and impact of […]


Hello!  I’m a London-based designer, animator and director.  After graduating in 2005, I spent 7 years working at the award-winning production company Square Zero but am now enjoying working as a freelancer.  My skills include script writing, concept creation, story-boarding, 2D animation, character design and directing.  I have worked on a broad range of projects, including […]


I’m a 2D illustrator with an excellent eye for silhouettes. Using digital methods I specialise in simple black and white illustrations of mostly female characters.


I’m 2D digital Illustrator and character concept artist, I’ve created background paintings and have designed characters for animated commercials and television series.


I am a food illustrator based in Osaka, Japan. I have drawn a variety of food illustrations for various clients around the world. One of the things that is noticeable of my illustrations is that my illustration style has unique aesthetics that catch a lot of attentions. As someone who has previously engaged in restaurant […]


We work completely in CG ( computer Generated) working with many of the top advertising agencies around the world. Founded in 2007 we have been creating CG modelled image and animations for some of the biggest products, campaigns, or brand launches.  We can literally ‘create the impossible’ and are brought in as a replacement to […]


We are a professional team of storyboard artists who work with clients from the advertising and film industries and have worked on many high-profile projects on block buster films to award winning TV adverts.  We exist to tell complex stories through storyboard frames and can cover all styles of illustration and concepting from loose line […]

Imran Fazzo

I am a UK based CG Artist who has been specialising in illustrating all things ‘Hard Surface’ for the last 18 years.  If you wonder what I mean by ‘Hard Surface’ this includes everything from from architecture interiors to products, packaging and automotive… but characters and creatures are not my thing Im afraid, so if […]

JJ Studios

My style is fresh, funky and full of attitude. Im Influenced from graffiti, graphic design, fine art and pop culture.  I love to create works that catch the eye keeping my work on the edge of controversial. I like bold forms and love working with vibrant palettes, so if you like my style of work […]


CG Characters are our passion and expertise and we have been building characters of all kinds for decades now and have had the opportunity to work on some of the most iconic character creations for some of the biggest brands in the world.  We love all kind of character creation from cartoon to realistic and […]

Kent Creative

I am an experienced 3D modeller with over 12 years experience working on all types fo CG images and models for print and animated projects. I am comfortable creating hard surface products such as cars, watches or any type of creature or character model in any style or aesthetic. I have recently been working on […]


We specialise in creating technical and info graphical style images and animations for corporates, agencies, and brands direct.  We work primarily in CGI to build ideas into images which help explain complicated concepts and processes into easy to digest images and animations either telling a brand story, service or experience which help our client to […]

Laura Rain

My influences are anime and manga but treated in in a softer painterly way, my main focus on creating characters in my unique style.  However i’m interested in seeing how I can cross over to other areas such as brands and advertising.  If you like my unique style then please feel free to contact me […]


Lemongoon is a professional Illustration and Brand Design Studio with more than 20 years of experience in digital arts production services. We are passionate about dedicating our expertise to bring the ideas of our clients and their brands, to life. Creative challenges and deadlines are addictive for us and we love working on advertising illustration, […]

Luc Jams

I am a freelance director and independent artist.  Born in Paris I grew up in the emerging graffiti and skateboarding culture. I first started working as a street artist and illustrator studying fine art and graphic design which is where I have developed my unique style fusing street art, graphic design and fine art together.  […]


I’m a cartoonist and illustrator. I specialise in sequential art and story telling with my works and use a wide variety of methods from digital to physical inks to create the perfect result for you and your project.


I’m a 2D illustrator that has flexibility across many different styles, ranging from hyper realistic shaded drawings to cartoon illustrations. I’ve worked across a wide range of both industries and projects such as picture books, conceptual art, animation and much more. No project is too challenging for me.


I am a freelance illustrator working and living in central London. In 2009, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in my home country Lithuania. In 2011, In order to advance in my illustrative career, I moved to London where I began by studying painting at Rosetta Art Centre, in East London. I […]


With fine art and an animation background I enjoy creating work that’s bold and vibrant, combining hand drawn illustrations and digital, I like to keep up to date with trends and experiment with my styles. I can tailor my creativity to your project’s brief and think outside the box.

Micky Z

I am a 2D Illustrator and storyboard artist based out of Portugal.  I love telling stories through my illustrations and visual storyboarding.  I work across a wide range of industries and medias from book publishing for kids through to broadcast TV story boarding. If I can help on your project then just send me a […]


With fine art and an animation background I enjoy creating work that’s bold and vibrant, combining hand drawn illustrations and digital, I like to keep up to date with trends and experiment with my styles. I can tailor my creativity to your project’s brief and think outside the box.

Mo Sinman

I’m a 3D architectural designer, creating high quality Interior and exterior renderings for any style of architectural project. My style is realistic but I also work extremely fast using Sketch-up as my base modelling software and then using Cinema 4D, V-ray, and photoshop to finish off the images. My work is high quality but not […]


I am Brazilian artist currently living and working from Italy who specialises in creating all types of digital food, packaging and product style illustrations.  I have been working with CGI creating these kind of images completely in 3D for a long time now and I love bringing together liquids, packaging products and food stuffs together […]

Not By Hand

I am a traditional image maker with a modern twist. I love to create beautifully detailed illustrations digitally, whilst still retaining a hand made quality. I blend a mixed medium of pencil or fine liner with water colour to create intriguing compositions with a pop of colour to help draw my audience in. My favorite […]


I have worked as a high end retoucher in London for over 30 years now, collaborating with a broad range of clients and brands since 2008. I have an in depth knowledge of the post production process from being part of various award winning post production teams working with creative directors, 3d artists and photographers, […]


I’m a CG/3D artist with a lifetimes experience of creating ‘hard surface’ product based 3d renderings.  I have worked for a number of the leading London post production houses over the last decade who specialised on hard surface product and automotive renderings where I have been required to model concepts or products from scratch and […]


I’m an illustrator with a passion for types of illustration whether its cartoon, character, icons, comic you name it I can create it.  I mainly work within publishing industry but am very happy to work within other industries and also formats. My style is a little quirky but also very commercial but i have real […]


I’m a 2D artist with a specialty for character design. Using digital methods such as Photoshop and After Effects I’m extremely skilled in 2D Animation, Background design and conception and Logo design and cooperate branding.


I’m a storyboard artist & designer working closely with directors during the early conceptual stages of a project across animation & live-action – this can take the form of pitch-board development through to shooting boards. While I work more often as a storyboard artist currently, I also offer compositing, design & direction for 3D & motion graphics, with a […]


We specialise in all things architectural, real-estate, environments, and interiors. The work we create is used by realtors, architects, corporates, advertising, enterprise, and entertainment-based companies. We are passionate about creating 3D renderings as close to reality as we can also helping to create environments, buildings or interiors that dont exist in the real world by […]

Say 3D

We are a small team of multidisciplinary UK born artists who have moved to live in Le Marche, Italy (half way down the calf of the Italian boot – nestling in the foothills of the Sibillini mountains) with core expertise in CG, product animation, architecture and photography.  We love living and working from this part of […]

Snowball London

We have produced literally hundreds of minutes of top quality 3D character animation and visual effects for the film, TV, computer games, commercials and mobile industries, which have been used across the world for a global audience.  These range from high end commercials for brand advertising and named clients such as Cartoon Film, NBC, CISCO, […]


I’m a artist who graduated from NTU studying animation however I have a real passion for characters, illustration and design, which is inspired by Manga and Japanese design my work reflects a soft feminine but also twinned with an edgy style. If you like my style then please feel free to reach out and make […]

Stevie Dee

I specialise in creating photo-real automotive CG/3D illustration.  I’m all about the detail and Im passionate about achieving reality in my renders.  I have worked with many of the leading car brands over the last decade creating images, 360 animation,  turntables for configurators and hi resolution press images. If you want realistic vehicles created then […]

Stledger Studio

I’m an experienced, super versatile and quick storyboard artist and illustrator. My experience over the years has allowed me to create high quality illustrations regardless of deadline. Having worked, producing storyboards and illustrations for various industries, including but not limited to: Architectural visualisation, TV promos, Trailers, animations and commercials. I’am able to communicate your ideas […]


A Mexico based artist with over six years experience in 3D modelling for TV, Video Games and 3D Printing. My abilities cover the entire character creation process from the initial concept all the way to modelling, texturing and rendering combined with my experience in a wide range of 3D tools such as 3DS Max, Maya, […]


I’m a female artist born in London, England. I studied Computer Animation Arts at Bournemouth University. Im a self-taught artist, a natural storyteller, and an avid lover of cartoons and comics. I have created comics with Riot Games, Your Comic Heroes and several anthologies. Telling evocative stories are a dedication of mine, I illustrate, concept […]

William Fash

I’m a 2D illustrator with a primary focus on fashion and clothing design. I design and create illustrations that are unique and stand out from the crowd for a wide range of industries such as fashion, beauty and advertising.  


I’m a skilled 2D illustrator and animator, my unique style has allowed me to work across a wide range of projects ranging from commercials to web illustrations. With a Wacom pen in hand I’m ready to take on any project you have.

We are continually scouring the globe for the best new up and coming talent as we are committed to providing a home for the next generations of commercial artists to find their voice and work with great clients like you.

Our collective of artists, illustrators, animators and imagineers are proficient in all genres of content creation across a wide creative spectrum.  Whatever your project needs we are confident that we can help you find an artist that provides the perfect solution. Our artists specialities include:

2D Illustration – Digital Illustration, Hand Drawn, Vectors

3D Illustration/CGI – 3D Modelling, Characters, Products, Automotive, Environments, Architectural, Liquid and Bottles

2D Animation  – Hand Animated, Vectorised, Cartoon Style, Explainer Videos

Motion Graphics – Graphical, Special Effect, Banner Adverts, DOOH

3D Animation – TV Commercials, Cinematics, TV Shows, Promo Videos, Web Videos, Product Demos, Liquids

Retouching – High-End Photoshop Artwork, Montaging

Photography – Food, Cars, Environments, Figures, Portraits, Products

Immersive Media – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Real Time Interactive 3D

Our artists have produced award winning content for a vast array of industries including automotive, architectural, travel and tourism, retail, branding, enterprise, entertainment, healthcare and education, marketing and PR, Publishing to name but a few.

If you can’t find an artist style you like then please contact us to request to see additional work which may not be visible on the website at this time.

Some Of The Brand Clients we have worked with:

Pernod Ricard, Shell, Sony music, compare the Market, Ministry of sound, Cadburys, Sony Games, DK, Nike, P&G, nickelodeon and Sega, Konami, Jameson’s, Nespresso, Cuca, Audi, Honda, Southern comfort, Twitter to name just a few.

Industries we work in:

Video Games, Book Publishing, film and entertainment, real estate, enterprise, Financial, food and beverage, Sports and leisure, Corporate and TV, advertising, Marketing and PR

If you are planning a project or just looking for some inspiration, please feel free to search through our latest Styles or contact one of our team if you need help planning or resourcing artists for your upcoming project.

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