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Boarders Unite

  • Service Areas: 2D Boardomatics Animatics
  • Specialties: Storyboards, Boardomatics, Animatics For The Advertising And Entertainment Industries

About Boarders Unite

We are a specialist team who create boardomatics and animatics for the advertising and entertainment industries.  We have worked on many high-profile projects from the film and TV industries, and we love to mix illustration styles with animation to achieve emotive work which get the idea over fast.  Our unique setup means we can offer a complete end to end solution for all your boardomatic and animatic requirements to help our clients concept or idea ‘production ready’ or to pass the key ‘testing stages’. We bring together a variety of illustration styles with specialist animation techniques,  editing and audio design and voice overs to offer a one stop solution for all your animatic and boardomatic requirements.

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