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When people think of CGI (computer generated imagery) they usually think of film special effects or slick television commercials. But CGI illustration, also called 3D illustration, can be used in a single still image to visualise concepts that would be difficult to illustrate in any other way.

The 3D artists at Illustration Agent in London use 3D modelling software to either import a CAD/CAM file you may have or alternatively they can create a digital 3D model of the object or objects you wish to show even if still at concept drawing stage. The CGI artist can also create a virtual environment to position and light the object in a similar way to a photographic studio (even setting things like depth of field or light fall-off).

Attributes like highlights, transparency, refraction, reflection, radiosity and an unlimited array of texture maps can be set. Our 3D CGI artists can do some extraordinary things that would be impossible to achieve in the real world. The virtual 3D world they are working in is unbound by gravity or other physical constraints, with such open ended possibilities, imagination and artistry become free from restraint.

Our clients in the Advertising, Architectural, Automotive, Medical, Computer Games, Retail and Music sectors have all benefited from using our CGI 3D illustration services as an excellent alternative to traditional photography techniques which is often a quicker and cheaper route.

Some examples of where we’ve helped our clients
Product advertising

Illustrate medical devices

Demonstrate mechanical processes

Render prototypes

Visualisation of complex graphic concepts

Create artwork and book illustrations

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