2D Animation

2D animation gives you the ability to explore many different animation styles ranging from loose hand drawn to tight vector based graphical illustration styles.

Using 2D animation is a popular way of visually explaining a product or service in a quick and concise way and allows you to create content without extensive CGI setup times.

Our teams of 2d animators can work in any style and we often combine experienced animators with 2d illustrators to help create a unique look and feel prior to doing any animation or motion. By doing this you get the best of both worlds by achieving a unique concept or design look and then having it dynamically animated by hand.
2d animation styles are vast and we are proud to be able to represent all styles and have worked on many high profile campaigns for clients such as Nike, Sony, Konami and Shell.

Typical animation styles you can work in are vector, toon shaded, hand drawn, graphical, cell shaded, stop motion, Claymation and whiteboard, in fact any illustration style is now possible to animate using stop frame or key frame animation techniques.
Our motion graphic designers and motion graphic animators are expert in animating all styles of text and graphical objects creating stunning idents, bumpers, animated logos, corporate style video, infomercials and instructional videos.

We are often asked to create animated overlays which can be added to live action back plates and we will work closely with the client and live action director to seamlessly match our layered animation over the top of what has been filmed.
We work in computer packages such as adobe flash, after effects, toon boom, Houdini, premiere and final cut pro.

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