3D Jameson Irish Whisky Bottle Packaging Illustration


3D Jameson Irish Whisky Bottle Packaging concept design visualisation.

Created for Jameson’s. This 3D illustration was made to show a new packaging design the design agency was exploring before the physical prototype would be made for Jamesons to approve and then manufacture.  These kind of visualisations are very useful and can be made quickly to explore a design, these images are never intended for press or publishing and are only used in house to communicate a design at low resolution.

Tags: 3D illustration, CGI, Whisky, Jameson, Irish, Liquids, Packaging, Product, Alcohol, Glass Bottles, Bottle, Drinks, concept design.

3D Jameson Irish Whisky Bottle Illustration


  • Style Type: Drinks & Bottles, Packaging, Product Illustration
  • Style Category: 3D Illustration

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Imran Fazzo
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