We recently got the opportunity to work on this super fun animatic for Lucozade, for their latest TV campaign It’s On!

We were asked to create 3 ‘Super Boardomatics ‘ (which is something in between a ‘Boardomatic’ and full on ‘animatic’ ). This enabled us to really ‘go to town’ with the project by allowing us to add a bit more character animation into the illustrated frames to really get the concept across to the client and get sign off quickly.

We created 3 different concepts in total which we illustrated and animated by hand, as well as creating all of the audio design including sound scape,  voice overs and sound effects.

Our unique approach to, ‘mixing things up’ means that our ‘Boardomatics’ and Animatics take on a fresh and unique feel as we bring together unique artist styles and marry them together with slick motion design to create unique Storyboards, ‘Boardomatics’ and ‘animatic’ content.

Tags: Boardomatic, Animatic, Food and Drink, TV Commercial, Hand Drawn


  • Style Type: Animatics
  • Style Category: Animatics, Boardomatics

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