• Service Areas: 3D / CG Illustration And Animation
  • Specialties: Creating high qualilty 3d/CG images and animations for the advertising and entertainment industries

About Collectiv

Is one of the most exciting creative teams to work with.  As the name suggests they are a collaboration of creative professionals who have come together offering full service/ multi disciplined premium quality creative production services consisting of some of the best artists, illustrators, animators, audio designers and imagineers from around the world.

If you have a small,  medium or large scale project where you need to best quality and the project to be managed professionally then we are your ‘safe pair of hands’. Clients come to us when they need a unique tailored service for projects that would be out of reach of the average freelance artist or small team.

With over 20 years experience advising and creating content for some of the most iconic global brands, producing engaging images, CGI animation, realtime experiences and creative ideas for the advertising, enterprise and the entertainment industries we are your one stop solution to getting your idea into reality.

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