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Welcome to Animation Agent 

Our Animation Agency is a bespoke of ‘Animation Agent Service’ which has been ‘Created by Animators for clients’ specially designed for busy clients who need to find the right ‘Professional Animator’ quickly and easily. You can search by style, category, media type and even keyword. The aim of our Animation Agency is to ensure that you can find the right artist and a get a quote simply and hassle free. Our Specialities include 3D/CGI Animation, 2D Animation and Motion Graphics Design.

Our Animation Agency offers a variety of specialist services to assist you with your projects

– CGI illustrators
– CGI illustration for advertising and print media
– CGI project management
– Illustrator Representation
– Creative retouching and Photoshop work
– 2D and 3D Animation for the entertainment industries

– VFX and motion graphics
– Music, sound effects and voice overs
– Specialist 2D and 3D artists
– Creative directors
– Character artists, concept designers
– Storyboarding and previsualisation services
– Immersive Media and Installation 3D Art Forms

Our Animation Agency offers a quick, easy and reliable service to help get your project started

From taking the initial brief to final delivery, our Animation Agency offers a ‘Safe Pair of Hands’ through careful management of our team of professional, commercially experienced animators and artists will mean you can rest assured that your chosen artist will be specialists in their particular field and will have a reputation for delivering stunning work on time, in scope and within your budget. Our aim is to provide unparalleled service within this industry, which is reliable, quick, and easy to use. Our goal is to ensure you are never left waiting around for a quote, giving you more time to spend on your own busy work schedule. If you would like us to quote on your project, then please send us your brief or get in touch if you would like to discuss your ideas or would like some advice. In the mean-time please take a look at some our work throughout the site.

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