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2D Illustration Style Focus – Creativity Month

2D Illustration Style Focus – Creativity Month

Its Creativity Month!
Our First Style Focus This Month is 2d Illustration.

Our 2d Illustration Agency artists and hand drawn Illustrators are not just great artist’s but are also visual story tellers and possess unique creative styles and ideas.  When you find the right illustrator who understands your vision they are able to breathe life and meaning to the images you are trying to create and this is why we have scoured the world looking  for unique creative approaches and personalities in traditional painting and drawing techniques transferring these over digital formats. To capture an idea in one image is a special type of skill which is massively underestimated, and this is the significant difference between ‘artists’ and ‘illustrators’ who are two very different types of people. We love representing this style of artist and also having the opportunity of mixing things up, by getting our 2d / hand drawn artists/illustrators to work collaboratively with our animators and immersive experience creation artists to make truly unique one-off art pieces, commercial artworks and installations.

We can work in hand drawn, pencil, outline, vector, loose, pastel, marker, digital matte painting, water colour, I-pad digital drawing, Wacom drawing, storyboarding. Our award winning 2d illustrators have many years professional experience working in the advertising, entertainment, publishing, fine art industries and have worked on many premium brands, campaigns and entertainment-based projects.

Our dynamic set of artists create 2d characters, 2d products, 2d environments and 2d animals, 2d packaging, 2d commercial imagery for corporates, 2d explainer images all at high resolutions. All of our 2d artist’s work very quickly and economically and are traditionally trained and have a real eye for detail and composition which enables them to create beautiful pieces of art being recognised as some of the best artists in the world in their specific fileds.

Previsualization – Our previz artists are experienced in creating previsualisation and key style frames which we are often used to assist on project pitches for Tv adverts, advertising campaign or entertainment based projects which are used to sell in an initial idea to a client which is a cost-effective way to communicate an initial idea.

Storyboarding– We have a whole division solely dedicated to art of story boarding and animatic creation. Our storyboard artists represent some of the very best and most experienced in the industry and can offer a variety of drawing styles from loose line, black and white thumbnail frames to full coloured detailed sketches.  Remember storyboard artists are unique as they are a mixture between illustrators and cinematic directors, as they have an eye for telling a story through the lens of a camera and getting the key shots down onto paper to communicate the message. Their visualisation of the idea more often dictates the final composition of a TV advert or film so it’s crucial to work with the right person.

One of our 2D Illustration Agency unique services is our understanding and experience in combining our 2d illustrations with our 2d animators or 3d artists to work as part of a team to concept design, layout, illustrate and then animate a full project.  We have an agnostic approach with a lifetime of experiences creating content across all creative mediums so we are perfectly placing us to put together a combination of super talented creatives who would not have previously worked together to create innovate ground-breaking work.

If you can’t see a style you like then please contact our 2d Illustration Agency Team to request to see additional work which may not be visible on the website.

Some Of The Brand Clients we have worked with: Pernod Ricard, Shell, Sony music, compare the Market, Ministry of sound, Cadburys, Sony Games, DK, Nike, P&G, nickelodeon and Sega, Konami, Jameson’s, Nespresso, Cuca, Audi, Honda, Southern comfort, Twitter to name just a few.

Industries we work in: Video Games, book Publishing, film and entertainment, Sports and leisure, Corporate and TV and advertising.

Here Are Some Of Our Popular 2d Illustration Styles

2D Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Character Illustration Thumbnail
2D Female Christmas Outfit Fashion Illustration
2D Smart Wolf Black and White Illustration
2D Alien Captain Illustration
2D Dancing Orangutan Character Illustration
2D Rich Vegetables Character Illustration Thumbnail
2D Black and White Dinosaur Dolphin Illustration Thumbnail
2D Male Portrait Character Illustration Thumbnail
2D Animal Caberet Girls Character Illustration Thumbnail
2D Black and White Woman Retro Emma Illustration
2D Creepy Tree Character Illustration
2D Graphic Graffiti Style Lethal Drugs Cocktail Illustration

If you are planning a project or just looking for some inspiration, please search through our latest 2d Illustration Styles or contact one of our team if you need help planning or resourcing artists for your upcoming project.

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