chocolate biscuit illustration

Chocolate Illustrations To Tickle Your Taste Buds

We wanted to share some of our favourite chocolate illustrations with you to help you enjoy World Chocolate Day on 7th July. As well as eating one of the worlds must luxurious and tasty treats to celebrate World Chocolate Day, why not also feast your eyes on some of our artists creations.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Illustration Agent and Creative Knowledge Broker Collaboration

We are super excited to announce that Illustration Agent has partnered with the Creative Knowledge Broker, an innovative online learning community designed to support freelance artists, illustrators and animators and provide them with the business tools and knowledge they need to create, launch and grow their online business.  Through this partnership, we will not only continue to find work for our...

Kickstart 2021 with our Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Creatives

It’s that time of year again, as we begin to think of our New Year’s Resolutions for 2021.  Are you tired of making the same old resolutions every year and having quit the gym and indulged in chocolate before the end of January?   If the answer is Yes! Then our Top 5 New Years Resolutions for Creatives will help to ensure that you start 2021 with a positive mindset, lots of...

Traditional Illustration vs Modern Illustration

Hand drawn or traditional Illustration has seen a resurgence recently and it’s perception is it’s relatively quick and cost effective to produce.  However, with todays advances in technology and the increasing use of digital platforms how do we select the right style for our projects.Whilst original hand drawn/painted images may look great, we need to consider how well will this will scale if needed...

2D Rock Star Cartoon Illustration

2D Animation Style Focus – Creativity Month

Its Creativity Month! Our Third Style Focus This Month is 2d Animation. Our 2D Animation Style Artists create unique styles of animations full of character ranging from painterly, hand drawn to tight line art, so our clients can tell engaging stories to connect their brand or service. Unrestrained and innovative we bring together traditional and modern to produce bespoke and beautiful animated...

3d Illustration Style Focus

3D Illustration Style Focus – Creativity Month

Its Creativity Month! Our Second Style Focus This Month is 3d Illustration. Our CGI Agency has a range of 3D Illustration Style artists from across the globe offering numerous styles and specialities from architectural visualisation to character design, When people think of CGI (computer generated imagery) they usually think of film special effects or slick television commercials. But CGI illustration,...

2d illustration style focus collage of images

2D Illustration Style Focus – Creativity Month

Its Creativity Month! Our First Style Focus This Month is 2D Illustration Styles Our 2d Illustration Agency artists and hand drawn Illustrators are not just great artist’s but are also visual story tellers and possess unique creative styles and ideas.  When you find the right illustrator who understands your vision they are able to breathe life and meaning to the images you are trying to create...

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