3D Animation

CG/3d animation is one of the most exciting digital medias you will possibly ever work in. Without limitation you can literally make the impossible real from bringing back to life historical reconstructions to forcing liquids to move and from into impossible shapes. We have a long history working with our teams in this medium and we not only know who is best to work with but we have exclusive agreements with some of the best animation studios and animators form around the world who would love the opportunity to work with. By working with Illustration Agent you can feel secure that our animation agents really know their stuff remember we are artists, animators and producers as well as agents.

What is CG / 3D animation, also called CGI (computer generated imagery) animation, is a type of animated movie that uses a sequence of computer-generated images called ‘frames’ created in 3d spaces on a computer during the production of a movie.

This animated movie could be entirely CGI generated, mixed with live action video footage or blended with 2D (flat) graphic elements. Objects created by our computer animation artists can be moved in x, y and z directions of this virtual space and then lit and textured to produce a photorealistic result.

It has taken our team of professional CGI animation artists many years working on big budget blockbuster films or slick television commercials of well-known brands to build their portfolios and develop their teams and skills to enable them to offer their services to you to help bring your ideas to life.

The whole process usually begins with the concept idea being sketched out as a series of simple images for the purpose of pre-visualising how the movie scenes will play through. Then you would normally create a hand drawn ‘storyboard’ or at 3d animatic which can be reviewed and amended easily with the client locking down what appears in the shot, the amount of shots in the animation and how long each shot lasts before going to the next 3D stages of production thus restricting the possibility of creating unnecessary work time and ultimately keeping cost’s down.

Our artists have been asked to create a myriad of animated subjects from realistic humans and animals through to office furniture and spaceships to moving liquids and soft drinks cans for advertising agencies to name but a few. Additionally, our teams have expertise in working on different animation formats Broadcast Tv adverts, Promo videos, video game cinematics, long form animation, tv series animation and visual effects ‘VFX’ for the film industries

Some examples of 3D animation we have produced

Product advertising in television commercials for brands like Coca-cola, Nike, Ocado

Display the functions of medical devices to clinicians and patients

Demonstrate complex mechanical processes in eLearning films in company demonstrations

Visualisation of complex graphic concepts

Computer game trailers (FMV)

Corporate idents

If you can’t see a style you like then please contact us to request to see additional work which may not be visible on the website.

Clients we have worked with:

Sony music, compare the Market, Ministry of sound, Cadburys, Sony Games, DK, Nike, Puma, P&G, nickelodeon and Sega.

Industries we work in:

Video Games, book Publishing, film and entertainment, Sports and leisure, Corporate and TV and advertising, architecture and real estate, social media and online, music video and promos.

If you are planning a project or just looking for some inspiration, please search through our latest 3D Animation Styles or contact one of our team if you need help planning or resourcing artists for your upcoming project.

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