3D Puzzle images created for TFL London print campaign

We created a set of 3D illustration of a sliding picture puzzles showing 4 different TFL scenarios.  We  arranged and took a photo shoot of hands to composite into the minimalist white puzzle and white set design.  We then created 4 unique images in that feature as images on the puzzle squares, which were made from mixed media some CG modelling and rendering, a photo shoot of people and some stock background imagery

Tags: 3D illustration, CGI, Puzzle, Landscape, City, Skyline, Advertisement, Image, Hand, London Street, City, London City.


3D Puzzle London Skyline Illustration Thumbnail

3D Puzzle London Landscape Illustration Thumbnail

3D Puzzle London Crowd Illustration Thumbnail


  • Style Type: Advertising Illustrators, Environment
  • Style Category: 3D Illustration

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