2D Black and White Seaweed Face Illustration

Stledger Studio

I'm an experienced, super versatile and quick storyboard artist and illustrator. My experience over the years has allowed me to create high quality illustrations regardless of deadline. Having worked, producing storyboards and illustrations for various industries, including but not limited to: Architectural visualisation, TV promos, Trailers, animations and commercials. I'am able to communicate your ideas...

2D Black and White Owl Illustration

JJ Studios

My style is fresh, funky and full of attitude. Im Influenced from graffiti, graphic design, fine art and pop culture.  I love to create works that catch the eye keeping my work on the edge of controversial. I like bold forms and love working with vibrant palettes, so if you like my style of work and can see working with your creative concept,  then feel free to send me a message and lets discuss your...

2D Werewolf Social Club Cartoon Illustration


I'm a cartoonist and illustrator. I specialise in sequential art and story telling with my works and use a wide variety of methods from digital to physical inks to create the perfect result for you and your...

2D Black and White Edward Scissorhands Illustration


I'm a 2D illustrator with a love of film and all things pop culture, combining this with my digital art style allows me to create unique and interesting artworks for you and your...

2D Black and White Rockabilly Girls Illustration


I'm a 2D illustrator with an excellent eye for silhouettes. Using digital methods I specialise in simple black and white illustrations of mostly female...

2D Little Dead Riding Hood Cartoon Illustration


I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I'm a professional 2D illustrator skilled in many techniques and disciplines, such as water colours, pencils, markers, Wacom, I-pad painting.  Over the course of my professional career I've had the opportunity to work in many fields with my illustration skills such as publishing, advertising, animation, video games, toy and game design, branding and most...

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