• Style Category: 2D Illustration, Hand Drawn Illustration
  • Skill Set: Food, Drink, Menus, Book Covers

About IDoFood

I am a food illustrator based in Osaka, Japan. I have drawn a variety of food illustrations for various clients around the world. One of the things that is noticeable of my illustrations is that my illustration style has unique aesthetics that catch a lot of attentions. As someone who has previously engaged in restaurant industry, I understand the importance of growing sales by getting more customers involved. My illustrations are a sort of hybrid of photograph and art. It is artistic enough to get as many people’s attentions as possible, and it is realistic enough for the audience to get the idea of what the food actually tastes like.

I make food illustrations because I would like to contribute to the food industry. Customers’ Curiosity is the key to grow sales, and I believe I can contribute greatly for you.

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